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Exhibition at the Sonia Monti gallery in Paris Starting March 5th, 2020

Christine Pacaud Interview ----- What inspires you? Inspiration never comes alone, I paint what I feel or what I caught in an intuitive form of work. I get inspired by my immediate environment, from my travels and my encounters.

If you could go back in time to another time in the art history, which one would it be? and why? As a painter, I would have loved to live at the beginning of the abstract expressionism time, but as a woman, I love the time we are living in right now for the liberty of creation that we have as women painter.

What goal are you pursuing?

The power of my motivations is an essential factor even if I don't know always know them. Being an artist is a need, the deepest soul needs. What makes my desires wake up (the colors for example) or to gather my strengths to go forward? I don't always know how to respond with words... The plastic creation is an expression form that allows me to communicate, to exist and to feel free. Create from nothing: what a beautiful gift! Every day I try to develop this skill. To keep growing, exhibit my art is necessary and it's through the recognition of the art world actors and from a public sensitive to my art that this growth is possible. I believe a lot in the mirror effect.

What do you want to telle with your work? What is you message? Accept the vulnerability, let myself being overflowed with feelings is learning how to live with the acute consciousness of being human. To Evoque the fragility while playing with estheticism and a strong desire for harmony and beauty is the permanent research of the human being, finding the balance it's what comes to this research. I hope that my work as a whole, rich of many artistic strata, resound and awaken beautiful feelings, with the condition of taking the time to...... Look... Watch... Feel... the meaning of the artwork. I rarely try to send a message, my work gets in touch or not with everyone's history, it's a song, it's abstract art, as I always say: I'm a painter of feelings.

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