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IL L'A DIT - Mixed Media Canvas 155 X145CM



"Entre Europa y el Caribe, Pacaud ha encontrado la clave para acceder al estado sublime de la creación. Esta estancia privilegiada le permite unos niveles de libertad y una disposición trascendente que le llevan a transformar cualquier herramienta, fragmento material o elemento expresivo como recurso válido de creación."

Amable López

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Galeria de Arte Contemporaneo Christine Pacaud

Calle Fabio Abreu esquina Calle Duarte, Las Terrenas 32200, Dominican Republic


My name is Christine Pacaud, I’m a Visual  artist and I share my time between France and the Caribbean (lucky me!) I spend most of my time in my art studio creating, painting, drawing, and doing collage.

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Abstract Art

My abstract art includes large, medium, and small format of mixed media pieces. From papers, canvases, aludibonds and wood boards, I express myself with paint, collage, pastels, pencils, and every art technique that may be possible...

IL L'A DIT - Mixed Media Canvas 155 X145CM
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Over the years I have been creating original artwork series around a specific theme or life event. You will find cyanotypes, art papers, polyptyques and much more. 

Functional Art

Functional art is between art and craft, has a utilitarian function, and is designed in an artistic and aesthetic manner. The objects created, unique pieces, therefore, meet a need for use and are also works of art.Each piece is unique.

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My sculptures are in colored cement modeled, painted, engraved according to my inspiration and intuition.To put on, or to hang, it is the 3D shaping of colors that run through my head ... as always ... And it is always with a poetic, sometimes minimalist, spirit that I seek to create particular objects that are there, quite simply intended to be part of everyone's daily life.


Gallery and Online Representation


For any questions about my art, to inquire about a piece, or to just to say hi, please fill out the form below, or email me directly at

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