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Meet the Artist

My name is Christine Pacaud I’m a visual  artist and I share my time between France and the Caribbean (lucky me!) I spend most of my time in my atelier creating painting drawing and doing collage.

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About me

I defined myself as a mixed media freestyle artist-painter. In other words, through the use of different techniques associated with the use of very varied media, my imagination freely expresses itself. I always work my canvases with successive layers of material that I adapt to the chosen support so that the inks and other fluids come into play and structure the work to come. Layer after layer, the rhythms take their place, the work’s breathing increases, the material comes into place, and thus the signs, the traces, and the writing disappear and reappear. The painting becomes gestural, physical, dancing.

How I approach art.

My desire to create, to paint on canvas or on paper is always born of a strong desire to play with colors. Why use this or that color? External influences change every day and every day everything is called into question: colors, color arrangements, their emotional function, textures, media, the visual lead… The colors are there, very present and vibrant, and when I place them next to each other, I have the impression that they come to life! Their vitality refers us directly to our inner resources, to our origins.

A language is established between them, of which I am only the vector and the interpreter. No organization can be detected beforehand on the canvas between the closed and open spaces. The notions of motifs, vibrations, rhythms, trajectories assert themselves as essential each that which it covers finally nourishes color.
I tend to express myself in fragments or small pieces of information that give a subtle reference to an idea, a feeling or something I experience on the spot, and as I have more than one string to my bow when it comes to expressing myself through art, each technique I use feeds the other by leaving the field open to resonance or contradiction; a visual map is put in place, a path is opened for an approach that focuses on the notions of chaos and surface....

Chaos and surface always go together, they are a pair that sometimes fuses duality with complementarity. At some given moment, a particular frequency starts to resonate, and then "balance and connection" fall into place. It is also a pair that wakes reminiscences of the past, and reveals what lies “beyond appearances". I rarely try to convey a message, my work does or does not resonate with the each viewer’s personal story. It is music. It is abstract art. I am a painter of emotions….

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