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These textured painting fragments, created and assembled as an installation (a diagram is given with each polyptych l) symbolize a pictorial journey and are like a representation of ephemeral moments in life. Let yourself be guided by your emotions and feelings ...

Some parts of the work ignore the form to lead to a meditative phase, while others, sometimes, refer to photos taken to embellish everyday life


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Technical part

Continuing my experimental approach, I  mixed the acrylics with varnishes, color pigments, different acrylic mediums ...

This allows me to obtain a wider and varied palette of pictorial effects: several levels of opacity and transparency, brighter or more translucent colors, matte and textured effects.

I also use different painting techniques: fluid art and its different techniques are part of my palette, I combine for example the technique of dripping (dripping painting) to that of the Color Field (flat and solid color expanses), I also use different printing techniques on paper. the collages are ubiquitous in my work art, and the texture also returns in my work after an immersion of more than 3 years in 'fluidity'.

To come up with a simple and essential composition is, for me, fascinating and is one of the most difficult things to achieve as an artist.

I summarize my artistic research in this way: "I am a painter of emotions and what I try to do is simply to translate my aesthetic ideas and my deep feelings into a pictorial language which is communication through the gaze.

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